Rositsa Boneva

The Artist and Co-founder

Iren Dikova

The Creator

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Nikolay Dimitrov

The Graphic Designer 

D3 Designd

Elena Milanova

The PR

It all started like a hobby...then we answered that question:

''Where can I find a nice quality regular white T-shirt
with a provocative message''?

Bloom Stars is a fashion brand with a team of designers and graphic artists, who create provocative T-shirts with a message. Each model is part of a collection, with a special concept and inspiration, the result of an extensive study of fashion today.

Bloom Stars makes its customers special by presenting something different,

non-standard, and above all with a good quality!

We keep a high level of craftsmanship.

The details play a very important role in the finished product.

T-shirts are 100% organic cotton and embroidered, regarding the sustainability trends.

We send our products in reusable packaging.

Chervena stena Str. 8

Sofia, 1421 

Tel: +359888909393  

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