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Rositsa Boneva

Rositsa Boneva

The Artist and Co-founder

Iren Dikova

Iren Dikova

The Creator

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Nikolay Dimitrov

The Graphic Designer 

D3 Designd


Elena Milanova

The PR

It all started like a hobby...then we answered that question:

''Where can I find a high quality white T-shirt
with a provocative statement''?

Bloom Stars is a European brand with a team of fashion and graphic designers who create minimalistic products with strong statements.

Each model carries a different message to its owner and the surrounding world. 
The main idea behind the brand is to offer clean fits made of organic fabrics that spread the idea of love in its many perfect and imperfect forms. 

Bloom Stars makes its customers special by presenting something different,
unconventional and most of all with very high quality!

Details play a very important role in our final product.

The products are made of organic cotton and embroidered according to the sustainability trends.
Our packaging is reusable because nature is important to us!

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